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Here's what my clients have to say:

Obtaining reliable and consistent compensation data and salary structure guidelines has always been a challenge for development stage companies.  Bill has been an invaluable source of relevant compensation data, and even more important is his guidance on how to apply the data across our organization.  His experience and knowledge provides credibility in providing recommendations to the Board of Directors and to Senior Management.

Bob McCarthy, CFO
Tripwire, Inc.

Bill has been an effective and trusted advisor to NWEA for several years, and recently was a linchpin in revamping our executive and leadership compensation structure.  Bill's depth of knowledge, expertise, and communications provided NWEA's Board of Directors and executive team with the understanding needed to appropriately develop our compensation philosophy and craft a new, more equitable framework for management compensation.  The new structure integrates well with NWEA's overall compensation plans, and will serve our growing organization today and in our future.  Bill's high level of customer service, including his timely response to our inquiries and his flexibility in accommodating our often-changing demands, is superb...and very much appreciated.

Jeff Strickler, Chief Operating Officer

There‘s a good deal of fluff, form, and flash in consulting. Bill has no tolerance for such eyewash, he simply performs. He is timely, accurate, accessible, and reliable. We could not ask for better service.

Art Smith, Director of Human Resources
Cascade Microtech, Inc.   


In my experience, Bill Erdle is the best in the business.  He understands public sector compensation issues and has the experience to create solid classification and compensation systems.

Janice Deardorff, Assistant City Manager
City of Lake Oswego, Oregon

Customer focus, integrity and an exceptionally strong understanding of a wide variety of compensation  programs from Bill Erdle and Compensation Resources has made our comp programs flexible, competitive and easy to adapt to changing business conditions.

John C. Cope, VP Human Resources
DecisionPoint Applications, Inc.

Given the cyclical nature of some of our compensation work, and in an effort to trim our ongoing costs, we decided to eliminate our full-time compensation position in favor of having a long-term contract relationship with Bill Erdle.  Bill quickly won the trust and cooperation of members of our management team.  In addition, he proposed ways to improve some of the current compensation practices and solve some compensation issues that had become employee relations matters.  I hesitate to recommend him too highly, since I don’t want to lose his responsiveness to our needs due to a sudden increase in his client base!

Julie Branford, HR Director
SEH America, Inc.

I called Bill in the evening and told him I had to have a telephone survey completed the next day.  Having worked with him at Intel Corp., I know when he commits to something, you can count on him to get it done.  He jumped on the project the next morning and gave me exactly what I needed by that afternoon.

Jim Higgs, Sr. VP of Human Resources
FEI Company, Inc.

We wanted to revise our employee bonus and performance appraisal programs.  Bill really listened to us and gave us what we needed.

Larry Reiling, President
NORPAC Food Sales, Inc.

Bill was able to conduct a thorough and comprehensive study for us, even though we are truly a highly-specialized organization with very few comparatives.  Bill was able to do this in a manner that was timely, accurate, and on-budget.  Best of all, his work was adopted by our Board without reservation.  We will gladly use Bill’s services again for our compensation projects.

Bruce Crest, Administrator
Metropolitan Area Communications Commissions
Beaverton, Oregon

Bill helped us set up our compensation system.  He was very attentive to what we were trying to accomplish and provided us with exactly what we needed.  We also looked to Bill when we were considering a variable pay component for our system.  His experience with technology companies was a definite asset in designing our system.  I would highly recommend him. 

Bruce McVean, Director of Human Resources
Komatsu Silicon America, Inc.

Our company isn't large enough to employ a full-time compensation specialist, but we needed to set up a comp program for our U.S. employees.  Bill has worked with us to develop our plan and has provided great assistance to us for urgent projects every time I have asked.  Bill is dedicated to customer service, meets deadlines and delivers a top quality product every time. 

Laura Christiansen, V.P. of Human Resources
Vtech Communications, Inc.

Over the years, Bill Erdle has been a life saver for me.  Five years ago, when joining a start-up company, the compensation system was in need of an expert.  I went to my rolodex, called Bill immediately, and quickly our compensation program became first class.  Thanks, Bill.  You made me look good! 

Barbara Force, Human Resources Manager
AG Electronic Materials, AGPR, Inc.

Bill Erdle is one of those rare individuals that actually likes compensation, is very good at it, in addition to understanding all of the tentacles and/or impacts compensation can have on an organization. 

Pattie Hollamon, Human Resources Manager
City of Troutdale, Oregon

Bill knows his business and is very thorough in his approach.  He provides a variety of alternatives and has a great foundation of experience to draw from and form solutions.  He is flexible in his approach to providing the services that meet your specific needs.

David Donaldson, Deputy City Manager and Human Resource Director
City of Wilsonville, Oregon







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