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If you pay your employees, you have a compensation program, but……

  • Is your compensation program as effective as it should be?
  • Does it achieve your strategic goals?   
  • Are you paying too much?  Too little?
  • Is your pay equitable within your company?
  • What are your employees' perceptions of how they're paid?  Are they excited or are they turned off?
  • Do your employees really understand your compensation program?
  • Do you have other reward or recognition programs to supplement your base pay program?

    These are only a few of the questions that come up in reviewing a company's compensation program.  I can help you determine the answers to these questions and more. 

    I'm available for projects ranging from developing compensation plans to helping administer your existing compensation programs when time and staffing resources are limited.  I can also provide an unbiased audit of your existing programs to help ensure you are meeting your compensation goals.

    My Company Specializes In:

    • Compensation Plan Development & Maintenance 
    • Incentive Plan Design 
    • Salary Surveys
    • Equity Studies
    • Market Analyses
    • Employee Interviewing / Surveys
    • Compensation Training
    • Job Analysis / Evaluation
    • Job Description Development

    Why Companies Choose Me:

    I will personally work with you throughout the project.  You always know who to call if you have any questions.

    I'm the person who does the work.  I do not use assistants to perform any of the project tasks unless I receive agreement from you up front.  Consequently, I know every detail of what goes into your solution.  This differs from competitors who regularly use a variety of individuals to do various aspects of the project.

    I provide customized solutions to your company's needs.  I don't use "off the shelf" programs that may not always fit the situation or your company.  All of my solutions are tailored to your requirements.

    I integrate my work with your business model.  In doing this, you will know your compensation plan supports your company's goals.

    A lot of my value is in "reading behind the numbers."  This is due to my over 30 years of experience in the compensation field.  You cannot simply derive a compensation plan that will work properly based on mathematics alone.  Subjectivity and ambiguity in any analysis is best handled by someone who is experienced, specializes in compensation, and has a successful track record.

    I do not try to be everything to all who need me.  I specialize in a niche area of human resources.  Unlike larger firms that try to cover many areas of human resources, my business model is to do a few things exceptionally well and to provide the best customer service.

    Many of my clients have had a long-term relationship with me.  I am here for you today, and I will be here tomorrow to assist when you need me.  My company has been in business since 1991.



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